About CCI Door & Hardware
High Quality Security at a Reasonable Price

Professional Door and Frame Installation and Repair in Roanoke, VA

CCI Door & Hardware serves the door and restroom installation and repair needs of contractors and commercial customers throughout our service area. We sell and install a wide variety of the best quality doors, medium and heavy-duty security hardware, doorframes, garage doors, restroom partitions and accessories available at an affordable price. We also stock and install architectural hardware, garage doors and accessories, and a wide selection of colors and styles of restroom partitions and accessories.

We install walkthrough doors and professionally repair some types of damaged storefronts (call for details). All of our high quality products are available for purchase by residential customers, also. However, please note that we are mainly a commercial and industrial installation and repair company. We do install and repair high quality residential garage doors and garage door accessories.

We Provide Efficient and Dependable Service

Our employees take pride in the work that they perform for you and we constantly strive to provide fast and efficient customer service, affordable products, and knowledgeable, dependable service professionals for each service that we complete for you. We take our time to ensure that you are comfortable with your installation experience and we answer all of your questions. The staff of CCI Door & Hardware are here to ensure that you get the highest quality door, hardware, and restroom partition products and associated services at a price that you can afford.

Our Team Installs Quality Doors and Architectural Hardware

Our professionally trained commercial services team installs a variety of affordable, quality products that are built to endure, including:

We also install and repair residential garage doors.

Quality Commercial Doors Installed at an Affordable Price

Commercial Doors

We install all types of doors for both new commercial construction and remodeling projects. We also offer a wide variety of door repair services, as well. All of the products that we install for our commercial clients are also available for sale to residential customers. However, please note that the only type of doors that we install and repair for residential customers are garage doors. Our fine line of quality affordable doors may be previewed at the following websites of our manufacturers:


Pioneer Industries® industrial commercial steel doors & frames

Algoma Hardwoods

Algoma Hardwoods® for an extensive selection of commercial architectural, lead-lined, artisan, acoustical, commercial, stile & rail, and many more types of quality doors

Algoma Hardwoods® supplies many of our exterior wood doors and most of our interior wood doors. They are a dependable company that provides doors of exceptional quality at an affordable price. In many cases, we may be able to secure your estimate and install your new Algoma Hardwoods® door on the same day.

We install our doors securely into wood and a variety of types of masonry structures and ensure that the installation is airtight, as well.

Garage Doors and Door Barriers Provide Security

Residential and Commercial Garage Doors and Openers

Hormann® Garage Doors is our main garage door supplier for both residential and commercial installations. Preview the available options from Hormann® and let us know if you find a quality garage door that you would like to see installed on your garage.

Liftmaster® commercial and residential motor operators and garage door openers are known for their reliability and longevity. Extensive selections of security options are now available to make monitoring the safety of your home or business as simple as possible.



Security Barriers

Raynor® is a reliable supplier of a variety of products that we install including commercial security counter shutters, rolling steel service doors, and rolling grills.


We Install the Best Architectural and Security Hardware

Architectural Hardware

We install the best quality of architectural and security hardware available to ensure that your commercial establishment will present the best possible appearance and be protected against intruders, as well.

Cal-Royal Products, Inc.

Corbin Russwin


Von Duprin

Provide Privacy and Stylish Appeal With Restroom Partitions

Restroom Partitions

Provide privacy and stylish appeal with attractive restroom partitions in a wide variety of custom colors, styles, and sizes.

All American Metal

Scranton Products


Restroom Accessories

Commercial grade toilet paper and towel dispensers, hand dryers, feminine hygiene dispensers, garbage disposal units, mirrors, soap dispensers, and more ensure a sanitary environment for your guests.


Secure an Estimate With Our Professional Consultant

Allow our professional estimators to meet with you via phone or in-person to secure an estimate for your upcoming door or restroom partition installation project. For the most accurate estimate, we recommend that you schedule an on-site consultation to enable our consultant to make the appropriate measurements according to industry standards. We offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your needs and explain any construction codes that may apply to your particular installation. Call: (540) 342-5508.