Door Hardware by CCI Door & Hardware in Roanoke, VA

Providing Expert Installation of Door Hardware and More

CCI Door & Hardware provides professional hardware installation services for commercial doors, doorframes, wooden doors, and restroom partitions.

An Extensive Range of Commercial Door Repairs in the Roanoke Area

Door repairs are our specialty. We offer prompt repairs for commercial doors, as well as door openers and components. We also offer equipment upgrades to provide you with the ability to enjoy the latest modern technology to make using your door or entry unit as simple as possible.

Restore the Integrity of Steel and Hollow Metal Doors and Doorframes

CCI Door & Hardware provides professional repair services for commercial steel and hollow metal doors and doorframes. We provide professional repairs that restore the original integrity and appearance of doors and doorframes damaged by dents, dings, structural damage, holes, sagging, and other problems that affect the function and appearance of your door or frame.

Consult with Us About Commercial Storefront Repairs

CCI Door & Hardware offers professional repair service for some commercial storefronts. We will replace and repair components of your storefront that require attention, including glass, windows, doors, signage, hardware, and other damaged components as part availability allows. Please contact us for a consultation.

If your business’ door, doorframe, or storefront requires immediate professional repair, contact CCI Door & Hardware at (540) 380-8291.