Door and Hardware Installation and Repair in Fincastle, VA

CCI Door & Hardware Provides Superior Commercial Door Service

CCI Door & Hardware of Roanoke, Virginia provides Professional door and hardware installation, with Repair Services for  Commercial Doors in Fincastle, Virginia and throughout our service area. We install and repair all types of commercial garage doors. CCI Door & Hardware has been serving the Roanoke Valley and surrounding areas of Virginia for over 15 years. Although there are a few companies that have been in business longer than CCI Door & Hardware, none can even come close to the level of commitment to quality and dedication to customer service that we guarantee for our customers. Doors are our lifeblood and you, our customer, are our number one priority.

We Offer Fincastle Residents Premium Doors at an Affordable Price

We offer Fincastle residents a wide selection of premium quality high-end and economical doors at an affordable price. With dozens of doors and custom options to choose from, choosing the perfect door is an enjoyable process that allows you to tailor your installation to meet both the aesthetic and security needs of your company. As your businesses’ first impression on your clients, the door is the most important feature of your establishment and should accurately portray the image of your Fincastle, Virginia business in the best possible light. Allow CCI Door & Hardware to help you create an image to be proud of.

Exceptional Commercial Door Service

Our commercial services include:

We also offer comprehensive commercial repair services for all of the doors and hardware that we sell, as well as exceptional storefront repairs as part availability allows (contact CCI Door & Hardware for more information).

Extensive Selection of Premium Commercial Specialty Doors

CCI Door & Hardware offers professional installation of an extensive selection of premium quality steel and hollow metal doors and doorframes for our commercial customers. We provide doors to meet whatever your commercial or institutional needs dictate, including heavy-duty security confinement doors, high-strength barrier doors, ADA compliant doors, school safety doors, doors with security windows, attractive paneled doors, insulated doors, radiation shielding doors, noise blocking doors, and doors resistant to the effects of high temperatures and wind. In addition, we are able to locate just about any other type of door that you require to meet your needs.

Fincastle, VA Garage Door Installation and Repair

Steel Doors & Doorframes from Pioneer Industries®

A remarkable variety of beautiful and protective security doors from Algoma Hardwoods®

Algoma Hardwoods


Doors are our specialty and we are committed to maintaining our status as Fincastle, Virginia’s premier door and doorframe installation specialists.

Fincastle Garage Door Installation and Repair

If you are a homeowner who is experiencing problems with your garage door, contact CCI Door & Hardware for prompt diagnosis and repair. We also install and repair garage doors for our commercial customers. Our professionally trained technicians repair all types of garage issues including faulty garage door:

  • Cables
  • Garage Door Openers
  • Hinges
  • Panel Replacement
  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Tracks
  • Weather Seals

We offer emergency repairs on the weekend for your garage door emergency in Fincastle. If you would like to upgrade your old garage door with a new modern unit, CCI Door & Hardware is the perfect choice. We install beautiful new Hormann® Garage Doors and garage door openers and accessories from Liftmaster®. Enjoy the recent advances in secure technology that enable you to operate your secure entry system with your smartphone and setup your system via Wi-Fi for superior monitoring capabilities and the convenience of several different options for remote keyless entry.

Fincastle’s Best Restroom Partitions and Bathroom Accessories

Your commercial restroom in Fincastle, Virginia or the surrounding region must be equipped with the proper hygienic supplies to ensure that your staff, patients, and customers are able to efficiently take care of their restroom needs. CCI Door & Hardware offers a variety of restroom partitions, essential accessories, and luxury accessories for those business owners who want to make the best possible impression on their customers and/ or make their restroom experience more pleasant.

Send the Message That You Care About Your Customers’ Comfort

Most business owners don’t put a significant amount of thought into the restrooms of their business and that is unfortunate. One of the most important impressions that your company will make on your customers is their experience with your restroom. It is an intimate experience and you want your customers to clearly get the message that your business sincerely cares about their well-being and comfort by providing a clean and well-appointed restroom. Simple things like offering restroom partitions that are gapless to ensure complete privacy, air fresheners for a welcoming atmosphere, providing options for air powered and towel drying hands, and diaper-changing stations for caregivers with infants in tow make a major impact on your customer’s impression of your business and the likelihood of your business receiving repeat business.

Preview our extensive selection of attractive heavy-use restroom partitions from our valued manufacturers:

All American Metal

Scranton Products


CCI Door & Hardware will install any type of restroom accessories that you need for your commercial business in Fincastle, Virginia including hygiene product dispensers, shelves, mirrors, and heavy-duty security products such as break-proof mirrors and extremely durable restroom supplies for installation in penal and behavioral health facilities.

One of our main manufacturers of quality restroom accessories is American Specialties.

We will obtain and install any commercial or industrial barriers, doors, doorframes, restroom partitions and accessories that you require.


Protect Your Business with Security Barriers

CCI Door & Hardware installs commercial garage doors and several types of heavy-duty steel security barriers to protect your Fincastle property against unwanted intrusion. Some of the Raynor® products that we install include:

  • Extremely Durable Thermal Sectional Garage Doors
  • Rolling Security Doors and Shutters
  • High Speed Rapid Sealing Fabric Doors to Seal Out Weather & Contaminants
  • Rolling Fire-Rated Doors & Counter Shutters
  • Economical Fabric Rolling Doors
  • Sectional Loading Dock Doors for a Secure Fit Between Trailer & Warehouse

Visit the Raynor® website to learn more about the highest quality security doors available and choose the barrier system that will best fit your needs.


Architectural, Security, and Decorative Commercial Hardware

CCI Door & Hardware of Roanoke, Virginia serves the comprehensive door hardware needs of our commercial clients in Fincastle, VA and surrounding regions. We deal with several quality manufacturers of commercial hardware to meet your needs for aesthetic appeal, extreme security against threats, and to add the right type of charm to attract your ideal customers.

We are able to provide the appropriate hardware, locks, door, and doorframe combinations to secure any structure against all of the most common types of threats that your business may face, including fire, vandalism, theft, radiation, active shooters, and harsh wind and precipitation. Trust us to keep your inventory and guests safe against all of the most likely threats that they are likely to face. Maintain the safety and security of your business with quality commercial hardware installed with the extreme level of skill and attention to detail necessary to ensure that your commercial hardware installation functions as intended.

Preview your hardware options from our suppliers and contact us for a sales or installation quote:

Cal-Royal Products, Inc.

Corbin Russwin


Von Duprin

Count on the professionals of CCI Door & Hardware for all of your commercial garage door repair and installation needs in Fincastle, VA. We are also the region’s preferred commercial installer of interior and exterior secure steel entry doors, doorframes, and barriers, hardware and locks, signage, restroom partitions and accessories, and commercial garage doors and rolling steel shutters and grilles.

Secure Against Intrusion or Escape in Fincastle

We install all of the best equipment necessary to secure against unwanted intrusion or escape. Our friendly staff members are available to serve you needs and provide you with fast customer service. Allow us to quote you a price, answer your questions, or schedule your installation today. Call CCI Door & Hardware at (540) 342-5508 for dependable barrier installation services from the region’s most skilled and dedicated professionals.