Commercial Garage Door Installation and Repair in Roanoke, VA

Maintain the Security and Functionality of Your Door

CCI Door & Hardware provides professional repair services for commercial garage doors and professional repair services for commercial steel and metal doors and frames, wooden doors, garage doors and openers, restroom partitions, and some commercial storefronts (contact us for more information).

You can count on CCI to provide efficient repair services to maintain the security and functionality of your business with as little downtime as possible. We are available on weekends for emergency repair services, as well.

An Extensive Range of Garage Door Repairs


Garage door repairs are our specialty. We offer prompt repairs for commercial garage doors and garage door openers and components to ensure that you (and you alone) will have ready access to your belongings at all times. We also offer equipment upgrades to provide you with the ability to enjoy the latest modern technology to make using your garage door or entry unit as simple as possible. Smart phone access, Wi-Fi enabled control, and secure entry systems are some of the optional upgrades that we offer.

Professional Garage Door Opener and Spring Repair

Our garage door repair services include an extensive range of services. Some of our most requested professional repairs include:

  • Garage Door Opener Replacements and Upgrades
  • Warped and Damaged Track Replacement
  • Worn and Broken Roller Replacement
  • Correction of Noisy or Jerky Doors
  • Door Panel Replacement
  • Door Spring Replacement

If it is more cost-effective or if you prefer to upgrade your door to a newer, more attractive, or energy-efficient model, we will assist you with locating the perfect replacement garage door to meet your needs and will provide professional installation to ensure the best possible operation and preservation of stated warranties.

We Repair Damaged, Broken, Noisy and Sagging Garage Doors

If you are experiencing any of the following problems, contact CCI Door & Hardware right away. We keep a wide variety of repair parts in stock right on our trucks and are able to repair most common garage door problems within a few hours. Signs that your garage door may require repair service include:

  • Damaged Door
  • Door Off of Tracks
  • Door Won’t Open or Close
  • Inappropriate Rising and Falling of Door While at Rest
  • Increasing Energy Expenses for Climate-Controlled Garage
  • Noisy Operation or Excessive Straining
  • Sagging Garage Door
  • Slow to Respond to Door Opener

Do not allow garage doors problems to continue without securing proper professional repair service. Additional and more expensive problems, as well as potentially dangerous conditions, tend to develop if you neglect to provide proper maintenance services for your garage door.

Restore the Integrity of Steel and Hollow Metal Doors and Doorframes


CCI Door & Hardware provides professional repair services for commercial steel and hollow metal doors and doorframes. We provide professional repairs that restore the original integrity and appearance of doors and doorframes damaged by dents, dings, structural damage, holes, sagging, and other problems that affect the function and appearance of your door or frame. Your door leaves the first and most important impression on your clients. Ensure that you are putting your best image forward by maintaining your door and doorframe in the best possible condition with assistance from the professional repair technicians of CCI Door & Hardware.

Consult With Us About Commercial Storefront Repairs


CCI Door & Hardware offers professional repair service for some commercial storefronts. We will replace and repair components of your storefront that require attention, including glass, windows, doors, signage, hardware, and other damaged components as part availability allows. Please contact us for a consultation.

We will help ensure that your storefront will never again experience after-hours damage with the installation of a protective Raynor® steel rolling security grille or service door. We can also protect your commercial windows with installation of rolling security shutters from Raynor®.

If your businesses’ garage door or your business door, doorframe, or storefront requires immediate professional repair, contact CCI Door & Hardware at: (540) 342-5508. We will provide you with a free repair or replacement estimate and are able to provide fast emergency service when necessary.