Door and Hardware Installation and Repair
in Salem, VA and Botetourt, VA

CCI Door & Hardware is Your Commercial Sales and Garage Door Service Leader

CCI Door & Hardware is Salem and Botetourt County’s locally owned and operated family-based commercial door and hardware installation contractor. We also serve the garage door and accessory market. We were founded to make available the high quality products that our customers need with the efficient installation and affordable prices that our commercial customers deserve.

Over the past 15 years, our business has grown to meet the demand for our services across our expanding service area. We are proud of the growth of our business and are committed to continuing to provide the exceptional products and services that you require. Our company is based on integrity and solid values.

Commercial Door and Hardware Installation in Botetourt County, VA

We promise to provide you with the highest quality and most innovative security solutions, doors, doorframes, and hardware products available. If you choose from our budget line, you will likewise not be disappointed. We do not select our products from manufacturers who fabricate inferior products to sell at a marked up price to make a profit at your expense. Our manufacturers are all reputable companies who produce durable quality products and we are proud to offer you these items for installation at your commercial establishment in Salem and Botetourt County, Virginia. Our goal is to enrich the communities that we serve by proving exceptional products at reasonable prices and always keeping our customers first.

CCI Door & Hardware installs all types of commercial doors including steel, hollow metal, wood, security barriers, restroom partitions, and more. We also install and repair doorframes, hardware, restroom accessories, signage, and other items for your business. We install and repair garage doors, as well.

Restroom Partitions and Accessories in Salem, VA

For efficient professional installation of heavy-duty restroom partitions and accessories in Salem and Botetourt County, Virginia, contact CCI Door & Hardware for a quote or consultation. Our preferred manufacturers offer something for every style need including various sizes, colors, finishes, and durability levels at several price points. Our restroom partitions are ideal for all types of applications from medical facilities and schools to office buildings and sports stadiums. Preview the fine restroom partitions and accessories that we can professionally install for you:

Restroom Partitions

All American Metal

Scranton Products


Restroom Accessories


If you have something else in mind, we will assist you with locating and installing whatever you need to meet the needs of your commercial restroom installation.

Dependable and Affordable Garage Door Installation

CCI Door & Hardware provides affordable installation of high-quality commercial garage doors by Hormann® Garage Doors in Salem and Botetourt County. We also install Liftmaster® heavy-duty garage door openers, motors, and additional security options to help secure your business premises.



Garage Door Repair in Salem and Botetourt County

If you are experiencing problems with the garage door that is currently installed on your business garage, we can help. Inefficient and erratic operation typically indicates impending failure of your garage door. Despite the inconvenience of a failing garage door, a very real risk of injury is presented if loss of control of a heavy garage door would happen to occur if a person is under the door when it fails. Contact CCI Door & Hardware right away if you notice any of the following signs pertaining to your garage door:

  • Difficult or Excessively Slow to Open or Close
  • Failure to Open or Close Completely
  • Unusual Noises
  • Sagging or Loose Operation
  • Missing or Damaged Panels

One of the most common garage door issues involves spring failure. While we can supply do-it-yourselfers with the parts to complete all garage door repairs, please be aware that the springs that operate your garage door are under enough pressure to cause a catastrophic injury or death during repair attempts. We strongly recommend that this repair be completed by the competent professionals of CCI Door & Hardware. We have the correct tools and experience necessary to avoid potentially severe injuries and get your repair done quickly and at an affordable price.

We Install Commercial Doors and Doorframes

We install steel, hollow metal, wood, and specialty doors for a variety of commercial applications. Our extensive line of doors includes those designed for installation in applications including radiation-intense, high heat, school security, and medical facility environments. Preview the websites of our preferred manufacturers and contact us for a quote. Please note that we can obtain all types of doors, so if you don’t see what you need call CCI Door & Hardware and we will get the door that your need and install it for you as soon as possible.


Algoma Hardwoods

Door and Doorframe Repair

We also offer comprehensive commercial door and hollow doorframe repair services, as well as commercial storefront repair for select installation types (please contact us for details).

Protect Your Business with Architectural and Security Hardware

Protect your business with high security hardware with a durable, attractive finish that will make a statement about the quality of your commercial business. We provide professional installation of the highest grade of security locks, exit devices, and security hardware, as well as attractive and innovative modern architectural hardware to meet the aesthetic needs of your church, lodging facility, restaurant, or other commercial establishment.

Our preferred manufacturers are listed below and we can also obtain any hardware that you require. Contact us and let us know what your needs are and we will take care of you.

Cal-Royal Products, Inc.

Corbin Russwin


Von Duprin

Heavy-Duty Business Gates and Security Barriers

  • Rolling Steel Service Doors
  • Steel Security Shutters
  • Steel Security Grilles
  • Heavy-Duty Garage Door Units

Our preferred manufacturer of commercial and industrial barriers devices in Salem and Botetourt County, Virginia is Raynor®. Preview Raynor®’s website and contact us for an installation estimate.


Count on CCI Door and Hardware for Exceptional Service

Salem and Botetourt County residents and businesses have counted on the exceptional service and support of CCI Door and Hardware for all of their garage door installation and repair needs. In addition, we have been serving the comprehensive door, doorframe, commercial restroom partition and accessory installation needs of our business customers for over 15 years. Contact our office staff to request a quote or to receive answers to any questions that you may have. Call CCI Door and Hardware at: (540) 342-5508.