The Highest Quality Steel Doors and Doorframes in Roanoke, VA

Steel Doors & Metal Doorframes that Meet Industry Standards

CCI Door & Hardware of Roanoke, Virginia, has been installing the highest-quality commercial hollow steel doors and doorframes throughout our service area for over 15 years. Our hollow metal fire door frames are manufactured to comply with NFPA, UL, ASTM, and UBC industry standards for fire control, smoke control, and draft control. Our commercial installation and repair services are competitively priced to save you money. Message us to get more information on commercial door services, to call for repairs, or to request a quote: (540) 380-8291.

Hollow Metal Doorframe Variety from CCI Door & Hardware

We carry hollow metal doorframes in a wide variety of sizes and styles to best meet your needs. In addition, we offer the following customized doorframe options to accommodate your specifications:

• Borrowed Lite
• Bullet Resistant
• Double Egress
• Fire Rated
• G90 Galvanized & Stainless Steel
• KD Drywall
• Lead-Lined Radiation Shielding
• Masonry
• Pocket Slider
• Side Lite
• Sound Transmission Control
• Stainless Steel
• Three-Sided
• Transom
• Water and Contaminant-Shed Design

Hollow Metal Door Repair and Installation

CCI Door & Hardware installs and repairs hollow metal and steel entry doors for commercial customers throughout our service area. We offer doors that meet the exacting standards of FEMA, universal fire codes, and STC requirements.

We are Available for Emergency Door Repairs

CCI Door & Hardware is available for emergency repairs on weekends to ensure that you will not be without the security of your steel or metal entry door through the night. You can count on us for all of your emergency door repair needs.

Steel Doors: The Perfect Choice for Harsh Conditions

Steel and hollow metal entry doors are constructed of premium-grade materials and designed to endure against harsh conditions such as high-heat environments, fire, and security threats.

Our steel and hollow metal entry doors are the optimal choice for all commercial applications including:


Emergency Exits
Manufacturing Facilities
Military Installations
Office Buildings

Training Facilities